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Happy Thanksgiving and Be Blessed!

Just wanted to say a quick hello and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!  God has blessed me one more day by allowing me to awake from sleep!!  I was cooking all day yesterday….well intermingled with rest between fixings!!  Amazing how much longer it takes me to fix a few dishes for a big meal as this….and for only two of us!!  All our children are grown and have families of their own and we are so far from them all and driving is so hard when we are old.  Next month we have 2 family gatherings in Georgia to go to and so we are saving our energy for that! 🙂

When I opened my email this morning there was a link in one of the blogs which I follow and I wanted to share it with you to make organizing your Christmas Holiday a little more “organized?”  I plan to use it myself and so wanted to share.

So sweet of her to share with us today and she also has some very interesting posts everyday which you may want to follow…so go on over and visit Andrea at the Cottage Market!!

Well I must finish my cooking so will bid you all a Happy Thanksgiving shout!!!

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Time for Purging!!!

Well I have begun to list items on my Ebay page  So I will give you an in-site on what kinds of items I am selling.  The “No Sew Quilted Ornaments” are a new addition to items in which I am occupying myself these days.  I love making them.  I do plan to start making some actual sewn quilted items in the near future…but for now before Christmas I am making these.

Also I am purging of some of the printed matter which I now have lying around in my craft room.  Plus some of the fabrics which have been stored in trunks for some time now.  I have no other way of selling these items to down size in my home.  So if after a while these things do not sell much of it will be donated to some place such as Goodwill and other such thrifts stores.

Because of my physical condition now I can no longer do much house work and cleaning and so these things are really just in my way.  It is taking longer than I wish to do this however because of my physical limitations.  I work for 20 minutes and rest for an hour…so it will be a slow go…

Anyway here are some of the items listed

To make some of these yourself go to this YouTube Video to learn how…it is fun

I have many many colors of this kind of stretchy jersey binding of school and team colors!! More to come.

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More Sandy’s Album Scraps

Well as I got back into the groove of making photo mats and such for my “Ancestries Album”….I began listing some like the ones I was making for myself on… user name is old_ladies_estate_sale… So now I also offer them here…if you wish to purchase them outside of Ebay…because when they end on Ebay they will still be listed here.  so here are a few of the things I offer and you can contact me via . All of these are offered in sizes 8 by 10 and  5 by 7.  You receive 5 of larger ones for $5.50 USD plus shipping or 6 of 5 by 7 for $5.50 USD plus shipping.  Shipping per lot is usually $2.50 within the USA.  I will be adding to these as time permists me to list them here…but anything offered on Ebay is also offered here.

fleur de le black fleur de le blue fleur de le lavender fleur de le mint fleur de le pink fleur de le white fleur de le yellow floral mat blue floral mat lavender floral mat mint floral mat pink floral mat white floral mat yellow


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I’m Baaaack!!!

Ok so it has been over a year seen last posted….but I was in a funk….my body no longer does what I want it to and even when it does …it is not for as long as I would like…so now I am trying to do more things and adapt myself to the realization there are others things I can still do.  I just have to do them in spurts…and under different conditions such as sitting a lot more and not moving around so much and takings breaks much more often.  So here is the thing I most want to accomplish this year….a new memories album of my ancestors photos.  My niece has scanned many of them which were in an album her mother…my sister..gave to her.  I have been printing as many as I can and drawing out designs for the album I wish to make.  I want it to be sturdy and I want it to tell the story of my ancestors as best as I can.  My daughter has done a lot of the ancestry stuff which my brother Albert had begun doing years ago.  He had lots of it done but my daughter is doing some more on it and also gathering pictures which I can also add to the album…I want future generations to know where they come from and have pictures to see and not just hear from old tales and such.  I think every family should document all of this for future generations and also to pass down triumphs and even failures to further educate younger ones in the pros and cons of living their lives.  Not to mention to people like myself I am just curious of those who have some of the same blood within their veins as I do.  It also kind of explains some of the traditions we have within our families.  Right now I am still in the planning and printing photos stage of this process…and trying to figure out just what all I want in this book…so have nothing to show but hopefully will have in the next few weeks.  So anyway I am back again to journal here my progress on this venture.

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2014 in Review From Me and

Another year has come and gone…all those things which we wanted to do are long gone so if we did not do them then 2014 for achieving them are gone…if they were important then we might consider doing them this year…but if the opportunity for doing them went with 2014 ‘s end then they must go into our list of regrets….if not make the most of this year to do all those things which you wanted to do, because you do not want to add more regrets to your list.  I for one have many regrets added to my list….but none are world shattering or life changing so I guess I can shout hooray for that.  This is a time of year in which we must concentrate on our values in life ….do we have our priorities in the right orders?  And in view of many world events…do we have our prayer lists in the right order…I for one see a need for much prayer for a world gone to extremes in so many areas.  For one the focus of the crime against our law enforcement officers breaks my heart.  I have one grandson in law enforcement and a former son-in-law (whom I still prayer for) who are in law enforcement.

This year I will turn 70 years of age….and years ago this seemed to be an ancient age to be…but my mind…while slower than it once, was still looks at myself and others with the same eye.  More experienced for sure…but ideals have not changed.  So with this all said I would like to challenge everyone to pray for others and our world as a whole…set your ideals and intentions of the future at a higher level….and live each day as if it were your last to live…treat others as if it were their last to live….think more of others than ones self.  And this is my goal…give unto the Lord all that I can physically do in mind and spirit and actions.  So with this I wish and pray for all a blessed year and a new beginning…God Bless each of you!!!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 560 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 9 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Repost of Free Dowloads of Crafting Books from March

I finally figured out how to post my ebooks for downloading on this blog…i say yeahhh you say yeahhhh~~~~ I am certainly not the smartest bulb in the box but every now and then I get plugged in to light up…So I will be posting many of my ebooks which I scan from old crafting books no loner in print or within copy write laws.  I love doing this and passing along these old books to tohers to keep some of these treasured old books alive in the craft rooms of others.  The authors I am sure would love to know their works will lie on and on in this new digital age.  I make nothing on these within this site and so you may enjoy them knowing I did my little part in preserving crafting history and you do your part in downloading and working the projects. So can we have a big hip~hip~hurray???  Go to March this year and see the posting of 3 of the first books I posted here…and later i will begin posting some of the other wonderful pattern books for your pleasure…

March 2014 Free Ebooks

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014 Christmas is here again!!!

Not sure if others look at this season the way I do but I always do more reflections and contemplating at this time of year and than any others days of the year.  I think maybe it has to do with…happiness…seems my mind wonders to some of the days when I was happier…remembering the good memories is first and if a bad memory comes to mind then it is quickly thrown out of my mind.  I just will not have it there.  I want only brightness and beauty to be here now…so I remember growing up as a child and how Mama and Daddy always tried to the most of their ability to make the season a happy time…and they succeeded way beyond what a child could expect…at least in my eyes.  I remember the huge trees Daddy always brought home after we all went in the woods and found one.  I don’t ever remember their buying one…so it was usually a Georgia pine tree.  The needles on the limbs were so big…but he always got one which was fresh and we usually put the tree up about 1-2 weeks before Christmas…none of that Thanksgiving night decorating. For one thing they were tired that night from all 10 of us children and at least 5 were married and had had children also, being there that day for dinner…another great event as I remember.  I was youngest and not really that much older than some of my nieces and nephews.  I think most of my life has been a fantasy to me anyway ….and sometimes still is…but I tried to see the wonderment of everything.  But anyway back to Christmas.  Daddy always had to trim the tree back some so it would fit in our living room.  It usually took up one whole corner and the room was square.  He would put the lights on and we got to do the other decorating…I got to put a few on there…and I had better not stand back and toss icicles on that tree.  you put them on one by one and hung them just right.  Mama had some wreaths for the window which she had to repair it seems every year.  We had a traditional angel with alight for the top and she had to repair its dress a few times.  We used the same decorations year after year and some were so fascinating to me.  Wish I still had one of those little birds which we clipped on a limb…it had a broom like tail as I remember.  and some may have had feathers not sure I remember them all right as you know I fantasize lots of my child hood.  We had to place each decoration to the best advantageous point…or it would mess up the symmetry of the tree. And no two color lights next to each other.  These were also the days when if one light bulb went out they all did…and these were the bigger bulbs.  It was always a glorious site to me…I would sit in the dark when the lights were on and allow myself to mentally go into a fantasy Christmas land…where Santa was chief honcho…oh how I wanted to meet him and allow him to work his magic on me….Santa was the answer to all of the years heart breaks as far as I was concerned.  He would make everything wonderful in my little world again.  I would get the dolls and cow girl outfit with my holster and guns and maybe a stroller or maybe a yard swing.  And all of these i did get but probably not in the same Christmas…but all of my mind was wrapped in a fantasy of wonderland and magic.  When I became older and my friends all said there was no Santa…I defended him to the most i could.  I told my friends well where would my folks hide 2 bicycles for my 2 brothers and a swing set for me without us seeing it?  Very good question I think as I still have no idea how they got always with it. We had to go to bed early Christmas Eve. And we had better not come out of our room before at least 4-5 o’clock in the morning. I have heard stories that some of my older siblings were so bad wanting to sneak a peek that Mom and Dad had to “tie” there doorknobs to something to keep them from coming out.  But not me as I was a sweet little angel….hummmm…but oh when it was time we could sneak into the living room to see what Santa had left…it was magical…whispering to one another so as not to awake Mama and Daddy.  little did we know my Mama had just got into bed because she usually was sewing clothing for us children Christmas presents or doll clothing…My Mama was something else,  she was a terrific seamstress…and she also loved dolls as i did…so my dolls were always terrific and beautiful…. a little girls dream babies.  We always got one of those huge sticks of peppermint which would last for over a week.  There were always gum drops and chocolate drops and apples and oranges and raisins still on the stems.  Santa was so good to us…he had to be real…and so I convinced myself until I was 12 years old that he was real.  My mother and I were making a bed up one day when i was 12 and somehow the subject of Santa came up…and she made a remark as to how she couldn’t believe I still believed in Santa Claus..  I was shocked…what did she mean?  There had to be a Santa Claus.  I was sure of it…but there it was she was saying there was none… and she could not believe that  I believed there was.  So much for that fantasy..I guess if it was left up to me I would have still believed it.  One year when we had moved to the country for a short year before my Dad got really sick…my bed was in front of a bedroom fireplace and my sisters also slept in the same room as me…and this fireplace was also connected to the chimney from the living room fireplace.  Well there was a brick which was broken and so I could see into the living room…not a big hole but a small one…that year on Christmas eve we had my Mothers Sister and her husband to spend Christmas with us.  So someone had to sleep on the sofa which was in front of the fireplace in the living room.  Well during the night I awoke to hear a ball bounce and roll across the living room floor…so I knew Santa was in the living room putting things under our tree.  And I looked as best I could because there was fire in the fireplace…but I saw something like brown fabric moving in the living room…I just knew it was Santa;s pack with toys in it….so this was something else I used to defend my belief all those years in Santa’s defense as being a real person.  So when my Mama told me there was no Santa all the magic went out of my Christmases until my own children were young and receiving my “Santa toys”. So for me Christmas was a magical time of the year.  So now there are no little ones depending on me to be Santa and the magic has gone.  But my memories will always be a blessing to remember the enchantment when I was young girl.  As I got older and finally came to know what Christmas was really about (not that I didn’t know as a child I did…but not in my heart as I do now) ….Jesus birth into a sinful world which needed redemption in order to fellowship with an Almighty God….now it is a wonderment to me once again…because as an adult I realize how much I needed a redeemer…because without Him I would not have the hope of Glory one day at the end of my life…and i would not have this same Jesus walking beside me in everything I do no matter what…I would not be able to have that “peace that passeth all understanding” in all of life’s situations…and i would not have the weapons needed to fight many a battle which I have fought and will still have to fight before leaving this earth…and so the Christmas decorating is just for my own satisfaction now and since I do not need lots of satisfaction as I grow older then the decorating is less. So this is for that small need to remind me to remember….days gone by and people who are no longer with me on this earth…just one small tree for my dolls and me.


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Paper Crafting Tools for Sale !!!

Well I have decided to sell all of my paper crafting tools.  We are talking about a room full of stuff to use for paper crafting of which I have thousands of dollars invested.  I know from past experience that my lose will be others gain.  I am going to list a small amount of what all I will be selling.  The prices does not include shipping cost…this will be determined according to the location of the buyer.  All payments will be via Paypal..USPS money orders, and personal checks which will be held in my bank for 14 days before items is shipped…Paypal except for credit card payments will mail within 3 days of purchase…USPS money orders will mail within 3 days of receiving them.  The bigger things first.

Sizzix Bigshot pro machine (paid $399.00- sell $150.00) it will include the machine and all plates for bigz dies, wafer dies, and embossing.

Many many dies- Bigz, wafer , Cheery Lynn, Sizzix, Spellbinders, and a few other brands.

Lots and lots of embossing folders and a few stencils

many many ink pads

tons of stamps…drawers and drawers of clear and wood backed

many many hand tools

tons of paper

laces, ribbons, trims and such…embellishments of all kinds.

Cricut machines, Crcut Min, Cricut Expression 2, and a Cricut Imagine which prints but does not cut…what a waste…

Several cartridges as I have already sold most of them..

Buttons galore

Jewelry making supplies…beads and findings…

Much Much more..

Anyone interested please contact me with questions and i will send pictures if you are truly interested.  When my room is completely empty I will make a bedroom in there.  Won’t that be grand?

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Tutorial for Lace, Trim or Ribbon Cards

I am always trying to make something…organize something…and always trying to do it in the cheapest way possible without making it look cheap…I wanted a new Bigz Die for making thread spool cards for organizing and also to give to friends samples of the enormous supply of trims, laces and ribbons I have.  Well the die is at least $28.00 -$34.00 for cutting one spool at the time…well actually you can layer several layers of card stock and cut at least 3 at the time.  But then add shipping on top of that is another $6-$8.00.  So needless to say I just cannot indulge at the moment.  (I am trying to have myself debt free by May 2015 except for my house.  And it is only another 4years or less as I increase my payments.) another story…another time…anyway ….I had made some smaller ones fro thank you notes and so was sure I could do it with the tools at hand. here are some of the ones I have made thus far..


First I cut my card stock to exactly 8 inch by 5 inch (so you can get 2 out of one 8.5 by 11 inch piece of card stock).


You then score it at 4 inches the long way…


Then fold on score line….


Using a We R Memory Keepers Envelope Board…I insert the edge of the card once folded on the now long side at one inch and press the cutter..


flip to the other end of same side and cut at 1 inch mark…


Turn around the card to the other long side and cut the same way on that side… DSCI0007 DSCI0008

Now I used a small medal ruler to trim the excess not necessary to make this card look like a thread spool.. I lined the ruler up with the two same side edges of the “dips” in the former made cuts..

. DSCI0009

I only have a box cutter…not like most crafters having a craft knife…but we use what we have right??? So do this on both sides…


and you should have a crad when opened that looks like this…


the next step is optional…I did mine because when the lace is gone I still wanted it to look pretty and aslo it does reinforce the shank which holds the trim..lace..ribbon…yarn..thread… Cut a piece of pretty printed paper or card stock to 3.25 inches by 3.25 inches..


I did have to trim 1/8 inch off the top of it to fit.. Then I used my Xyron 900 9″ Creative Station to apply adhesive to the back..

and then put it on the spool on the front..

DSCI0014 DSCI0015

Next I began using a precut piece of lace that measured a little more than 2 yards…you can put the amount you want…but as gifts a 2 yard piece is sufficient…I began by allowing a few inches to be on the backside which you could use a little adhesive to hold it put..but I did not…I just double wrap around the first wrap…it is tricky to keep pulling the ends through the open panel of the inside of card without tearing it…so be careful and patient..

DSCI0016 DSCI0017

I always end it on the inside of the card even if I have to cut a little or fold under a little…and I pin it with a cute safety pin..


then the front looks something like this..


Add some embellishment if you wish..or sentiment…then for the inside.. I cut a white piece of card stock into 3.25 by 3.25

inches…and use an edge punch for the top and bottom..

DSCI0020 DSCI0021

add adhesive to the backside.. and stick to the inside of the card so you can add your thoughts,,into on the lace/trim/ribbon  or sentiment to your intended recipient…


These could also hold lace or trims on both sides of the card for your own stash.  Form some of mine I am thinking of adding a hole in the side top so that I can keep them on a ring and keep hanging on a hook for easy access to my stashes…Abox or basket of these little stashes would be great gifts for your crafty friends and relatives…or children just getting into crafts..each individual page could also have a chip board backing with other decorative paper or painted to make sturdier spools for your stashes…so many uses and hope you can use this tutorial for your crafts…thanks!!!

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Headbands….headbands and more headbands!!!

Well months ago I said I was going to set up at a Fall Festival in Blueridge, Ga. As it turned out the man who was supposed to call us back to make the arrangments never did…we called and called and left message after message…never a return call until we finally got a message that they were full.  So we didn’t get to go after months and months of making things to sell.  I made lots of scrap book albums, tags, paper flowers as well as crochet flowers and butterflies…other embellishments hand made.  I crocheted until I was sick of it…I did my own packaging with my name on the clear packaging.  I had my rack for hanging the packs ready to go even with a sign showing it was all handmade.  All items had to be handmade.  I had a few items of embroidery and even some needle worked pieces for making pillows and wall decor…some made years ago…and so it was a disappointing time for me…but you know God has His timing and we have ours.  As it turned out I was to loose a beloved Brother in Law a few days before the Festival was to take place and His memorial was to take place on the day we would have been registered to go…I would not have missed my Brother in Laws memorial for anything.  So as it turned out we would have lost the money for the payment os reserved setup…So even in this God intervened.  This was a brother in Law who stood in many many times as the Father that I no longer had….he was not that much older but was much wiser…he and my sister were always there for me and my children when times were bad and hard.  So for this I am now grateful.  I kinda got carried away here i know but I had to tell of this blessing which seemed like a curse at the time…if I had but trusted God….that all things do work together for good for those who love he Lord.  Anyway I still have all the stuff I had then and am adding to it to have even more…there will be other venues and festivals to sell them…anyway to the headbands…I made some for my daughter and just kept making them…I wore one to my doctors office the other day to keep my ears warm…the receptionist loved it and wants me to bring some for her to purchase for herself and some for gifts for Christmas…so anyway pictures please….tadada…DSCI0001DSCI0001-002 DSCI0002-002 DSCI0003-001 DSCI0004-001 DSCI0005-001 DSCI0006-001 DSCI0007-001 DSCI0008-001 and the there are the boot cuffs My Daughter in Law asked me to make..and they are selling on…so much to my surprise…I had never heard of them until then…anyway here are a few…some still need the ends woven in so forgive me for that…but this will be done before selling them. DSCI0001 DSCI0002 DSCI0003 DSCI0004 DSCI0005 DSCI0006 DSCI0007 DSCI0008 DSCI0009 DSCI0010 DSCI0011 DSCI0012 DSCI0015 DSCI0016

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