This blog is the accumulation of lots of craft projects I am working on

First day, First time blogging!!!

on January 2, 2013

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real mess huh?

real mess huh?

Today is the first day of my post on this blog.  I am new at this and so will learn as I go. I am using this blog as a journaling for my crafts projects which I daily indulge in.  Crafting not only gives me a little spending money but helps me keep my sanity.  I am 67 years old…I have 6 wonderful children…who are grown, married and living their lives.  This blog is not about those children….they have been the life breath of my life and I will always be grateful to God for giving me those moments in my life most precious.  I now have dolls sitting and standing around to listen to me talk to them.  Sometimes I think they also talk because my two dogs…Pepper and Tallie…suddenly look up at them and look as if they are listening.  I love my dolls and they are probably my first hobby….but it was them who first led me into the hobby of paper crafting.  I had lived a life of sewing…creating as well as necessity.  I crochet and have for many years…I am self taught and so do not know all the crochet terms and such.  Years ago I would create items and right before Christmas would go to the flea market and sell those items as well as other unwanted items.  I may sound as if I am wondering a bit but this is the way I live my life now.  I go where I want and when I want and do not hold myself to an everyday schedule.  I no longer can operate in that way. I am not smooth nor sophisticated….just a small town girl who lived a life some good and some hard and some bad.   But first and foremost God was watching and caring for me and standing me up when I in myself fell down.  I cannot blame anyone in my life for ever making me fall…I only had the power to keep standing…but when I didn’t it was God alone who picked me up.  So now that I have all of this behind…I will go on to a day in crafting.

I do equal parts of crafting for fun and crafting for earning spending money.  Yes that ugly word had to appear…money…money is the opportunity for me to acquire another crafting tool or accessory for crafting and having fun and yes, making a little more money for more crafting supplies purchasing…so that is the MONEY part.

I will show some of the pictures of my crafting room… first from 3 months ago before I began…..uhh…organizing………but right now I have to finish some tags which I sell on under the user name mylittleshoppe3….I will be back later to post some pictures…..

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