This blog is the accumulation of lots of craft projects I am working on

My Spring has Sprung!!!

on April 11, 2013

Well have missed quite a long time in not coming here….I have just been feeling badly and have not felt like doing anything.  I am having trouble with my joints….all of them…and just weak…so have done absolutely no crafting…..i have been trying to make a granny square quilt for my daughter, Kelly….but as it aggravates my wrist to crochet I had to stop for a while…I did take some energy to sort my miscellaneous yarn and Rick got me an old filing cabinet from our insurance lady and so i sorted it all in the drawers… it is so nice to find what I am looking for and to actually know what I have.  He got two of the 4 drawer filing cabinets and one is in my bedroom and the other in the dining room.   I know…not logical places for such but there is no more room for furniture in my craft room….and I didn’t want to pass these up for helping me to organize some of my “stuff”…the one in the bedroom I have begun organizing my old “Doll Reader” magazines…But due to my energy levels being what they are right now….almost extinct… I have only started and so it will take a while…my primary doctor is out of the country presently and so it will be later in the month before I can go see him.  I did go to my heart doctor and she didn’t find anything wrong with the normal EKG….so don’t think it is that….maybe just a bad case of spring fever???? the wrist and oh yes my shoulder are another problem however.  I feel quit certain the shoulder problem is that cuff thingy problem people have and it is on the left shoulder and my right wrist is what hurts on other side…I still have my left hand and wrist but I am right handed and so it is awkward…So enough of my ailments….I am doing a lot of internet surfing and learning of new techniques and getting ideas for new projects.  Have you noticed there are fewer and fewer tutorials on Youtube for album making lately?  there are lots and lots and lots of hauls…but no really good tutorials…that I have seen anyway….so guess I will check again…first i have to get my first cup of coffee this morning….so if this is incoherent you know why….

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