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Victorian Lady Lamp Redo

on April 17, 2013

So go enough energy today to do a little i my bedroom I have been slowly decorating.  I have had a Victorian lady lamp that was made probably in the 40s to 70s.  I purchased it on Ebay some 10 or more years ago.  I kind of liked the green color at that time and left it as is even though it needed a new paint job.  Well some of my inspiration pieces in my room are several pictures which all have a blue matting.  Several shades.  But the paintings themselves have many other colors so could swap out the matting.  But I really like them the way they are and blue is ONE of my favorite colors….can’t say I have just one.  And even though several years ago I purchased a handmade quilt that had the green color of my lamp as its main color…I decided I want the lamp to have shades of blues and yellows in it.  So I took some before pictures but I had already started to paint the lady…so will show you those….




So here you see the sad lady.  Her skin is not the right skin tone and it does have many scratches on it also.  The dress as a few chips but they are minor and I will not worry about them.  my plan is to paint the dress blue, the puffy what ever it is called…a pale yellow.  I want to add some flowers to her dress or the puffy thing but I am not a painter and so may forgo that and add some sculpty flowers some where…not sure…and I would accept any advise given.  As for the puffy thing I am going to glue some like color tulle.  I have seen this done on many of the earlier century pieces and think it adds charm.  I also plan to add some satin ribbon to the sleeves and maybe some lace at the very bottom of her dress.  I think I will give her a necklace also and she needs a ribbon or flowers in her hair I think.  I picked up a really cool idea from another blogger on a lampshade covering for the one I now have…adding fabric and lace and flowers and ribbons to it.  Check this out at well I lost the link….sorry about that….but anyway and gathered piece of fabric around the shade with lots of lace, flowers and sating ribbon….maybe a pin or two….Ok so now you have it….this is what I am in the process of doing at this moment but I will come back when finished and show the finished lamp. Thanks and happy crafting…..go do some now and make yourself happy!!!

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