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Entry on Facebook 4 19 013

on April 19, 2013

For sometime now I have wondered why and what my purpose is at this time of my life…I get older and so many things I cannot do now that I could do years ago. There seemed to be a purpose for everything. Now that seems farther away than before. I am not here now to ask for sympathy…quite the contrary…I realized that facebook is just another resource for me to use as a platform of sorts. My whole life and purpose…and yours…is to spread the Gospel of God…so why not use this place as place for that. I love God with all of my heart and want desperately to do His will…but more important than that is that He loves me….and He loves you…and everything that happens in your life He is in control of….some of those things are good and are therefore a reflective blessing from Him and known to you and everyone around you….however somethings are a consequence of action of either yours or those around you…these are viewed to many as a curse or wrongful treatment to you and not in control by a loving God ….but oh how wrong we are when we think this….He gave us all a free will….and some use that free will to do His will and others…myself included…use it for our own selfish purposes. And while some do not having lasting consequences…others do…and we must live with that…we did this, or those whom we love…not our loving God..but He always gives us the grace to overcome and to even live with these consequences….and within all of this we grow stronger…this is His purpose…that we grow stronger…manytimes we could not grow stronger without adversity…I am one of those people evidently…because in all of the trials within my life…I have learned to grow…or become weaker…I don’t like that weakness…it is not from Him nor is it His wish for me…I have certainly become very much aware that in Praise of Him even in those moments of adversity, that He gives me strength to endure. Nature itself teaches us that there is adversity all around us….look at animals who do not even have a self will…even the plants…even our own planet and others in the universe….there is adversity….But GOD IS in CONTROL…. many times we see with our own eyes that those evil are punished but many times we do not…but there will always come a time for them also…but what does that matter to us? We do not have to see that in order to understand God’s justice. This is a part of our faith in Him. I had not meant to ramble…but I do want all to know Him and trust Him. God’s Son is who we must trust and have faith in in order that our life will have purpose…this is all that is important in this life….the rewards come in the hereafter…when we no longer pay consequences because of past mistakes….we only reap rewards of Jesus overcoming those adversity and sins for us…in His death to the sin and resurrection to new life and life hereafter… I know most of my friends are in agreement to all of this and are believers in Him…and I ask not for myself but for an action on your part in testifying to your belief and trust in Him to “like” this comment by me. Thank you if your read this to my finish…I appreciate you.

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