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June is Almost Gone

on June 28, 2013

Well the month is almost gone and not sure where it went or where I was when it was going! I have closed my store on Ebay but this does not mean that I will no longer sell there. I plan to start clearing out some of my “stashes” and collections. Not sure which one I will start with I have so many. I will use the money to pay off any outstanding bills and be debt free when all is accomplished. But I do not need to pay $50.00 plus for “store” on Ebay to do it. I may have to pay a little more insertion fees and final value but it will not also include the 50 for just the name of a store. Ebay has lost its original purpose….to allow individuals an opportunity to auction or sell their unwanted items and make a little … it is mostly big business and commercial. Which I don’t blame the businesses… is a cheaper and more convenient way for them…but for us little people we got lost in the commotion. and Etsy just is not doing it for me…I sell maybe one item a month….I do think Etsy will get better…but I see a lot of commercial on there also. If I knew how to manage a website and get one underway to sell “my wares” I would…but I don’t and so guess this part of my life has ended. But I am having so much fun just gliding through my retirement time making albums and “stuff”. I do “give away” items on under the user name dolliesrmine….check it out…there is a lot of commerical on there also…but things only cost Points…and then I can buy other items I want with those points.   I have “purchased”  with points several sizzix dies whcih have really been so useful in my scraping.  I paln to start selling some of my dolls which are really just “in the way”….not my good ones….on Ebay and Etsy….and then I will sell a few odds and ends….and then I will start in my my handbag and jewelry collections.  So I will try to keep you posted on some of those ventures as I get to them.  Right now I am having fun just scrapping for myself and family and not having to worry about “the value” or if anyone will want to purchase it….I just like being free to do my own things.  So I am just checking in but will be back shortly to upload some phots of some of my projects….

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