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One Third of Another Month Gone

on August 11, 2013


Well it is getting faster and faster….time is zooming by…so how to catch up….sit back and watch it as it goes by and enjoy it….I have been doing a lot of sitting as of late and do not fel one bit guilty….because as I sit I am doing some crochet of which I enjoy and I am also creating little hats, pocket books, and outfits for my dolls and also to sell on Ebay.   i have stopped selling on Etsy…it was a waste of time.  no sales but maybe one every 3 months….Ebay is only a little better but now I enjoy what i make to sell and if it does not sell then my dolls just love having the things I make.  I did try to also sell my dolls and reclaim the space they are taking….but one old selfish and hurtful woman put a stop to that….she claimed that the description was not accurate and that it was a badly deteriorated doll….the fact being that it was much much better than I had described and she was much better than the many photos I took and posted of her.  But that is ok I enjoy my doll back in her usual place…however I do not like the fact that she left a hateful negative feedback but as a seller I do not have that option….so no more of my dolls will have to fear that I will adopt them out to the unknowns of this world.   They were so much in fear of going to bad homes and that obviously was a wake up call for me not to put them through all of that horror.  So back to the world of reality….I do digress…huh?   oh well I am old and can do so because this is my space and I enjoy doing what I want and when ever I want…so I will now post a few pictures of the hats and outfits I have been crocheting….I do hope to get some sewing done this week.DSCI0001 DSCI0003 hat 26-001 hat 26-003 hat 27 hat 27-001 hat 27-003 hat 28 hat 28-001 hat 28-003 hat 28-004alex - ginny little bo peep green

I have since added some tag booklets to go with these Little outifts…here is a look at the Little Bo Peep tags

litttle bo peep green booklet 2litttle bo peep green booklet 4alitttle bo peep green booklet 3

ebay brown n red cape n hatginny little bo peep dress whiteshrug  n purse 2acrib crowd cape and hat 1 crib crowd cape and hat 7country pink swetaer n hat 1So these are some of the little things I have made for my dolls….which one of these days i will post some of the pictures of my dolls…

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