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Sizzix Creatopia Machine!!!!

on August 29, 2013

Well It is beginning to look as though I am selling all of my crafting stuff…..but I am just getting things sorted.  Some of my tools duplicate themselves and are completely unnecessary for my needs.  I like having the ability to make my own embellishments for my paper crafting rather than purchasing ready made.  I mean to me if one is making there crafts….why not make them all as much as is possible…well I don’t mean to go as far as to say you should make your own paper….a few do this and that is wonderful….wish I could…but at my age it is nearly impossible…but some of the embellishments give me so much pleasure in making my own….so this is my thing….not everyone’s but my thing…I mean I am retired…so I have LOTS of time.  most are younger and still working toward retirement…so their time is limited…plus they probably have more money than us retirees….Anyway what I started to say was I have some more tools I will be selling…but first I have to figure how to best ship them when they sell.  This is something that must be worked out BEFORE listing to sell because you have to also put a price on the shipping costs.  I got all of my Xyron Creatopia attachments plus the machine together to sell.  I even found the original box for the machine itself…which I want to include.  But the box plus the attachments is making it hard to find a box big enough to ship it all in…so here is what all I have to put in one box for shipping….



Of course the machine will actually go into the box it is sitting on….I try to keep shipping cost down so they can put more money into the machine itself…well because I get what is paid for the item but USPS gets the shipping costs….so this is better for me also.  just being honest.  I have about $150.00 into this and quite frankly they can purchase them now on Ebay for much less.  So I will feel lucky if I stand clear with $50.00 for this all.  Before I had my Sizzix BigShotPro I could not wait till I had this Creaptopia….to me it was ultimate heaven.  But my Sizzix has 12 inches of die cutting space as opposed to 6 inches and also for embossing.  The dies and embossing folders are much higher….but so much more enjoyable to be able to do a whole 12 inch page….I really did not use the Cutz attachments as much as I thought I would…easier to use the edge scissors or assorted cuts.  When I was doing my family albums….which I needed to do 10 of them with same pictures but did each album differently.  I used it a lot for each of the papers for mats was easier done with the Cutz.  As for the embossing I never did even use it…I used the embossing folders more… But the one things I loved when doing all of those albums and all of those matting on them…was the Stickz Adhesive…I loved that….I spend a total of about $75.00 for the adhesive alone not counting the shipping costs of each roll.. I used it for matting and also for matting of the over sized tags I put in them….front and back…I have never used the lamination method  with it either…but I have another method for doing that.  I also have a roll of the reposition-able adhesive which I have never used….if I find it…:) So this is the dilemma I am handling today…So guess I will go to something else today…but not sure what…I think lunch and solitaire are calling my name….

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