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New Day…New Month

on September 8, 2013

It is September!!!  I have had a very interesting week!  I was able to go to the flea market this last Saturday.  We have an old drive in theater close to us and it is open on Saturday mornings for a flea market.  I usually do not go but decided I would try it this week.  I have a very hard time walking anymore as I have a very bad several vertebrae within my spine…this makes it very difficult and also the leg muscles are very weak.  I have had to take Crestor or Lipitor for years now and it seems it affects the muscles in this manner.  So guess I can opt to not walk as much and have weak muscles or have a heart attack from clogged arteries and I choose the weak muscles….Heart attacks are no fun.  I have had several and there are no fun procedures to recuperate from them.  I also have 5 stints and hopefully I still have 20 years left.  But enough of that dole drum.  I did purchase a few items at the flea market and will get pictures when they are successfully in my home rather than in the backseat of the van.  I purchased 2 vintage depression art deco triple canndlesticks…I paid only $3.00 for both…can you believe that? art deco candlesticks 9 7 2013O also purchased 4 wood cigar boxes…which are very odd shaped and good size…can’t wait to show you those and get started with a project with them….or I may just sell them….I purchased each of them for $1.00 a piece. wood cigar boxes 9 7 2013 Unbelievable I know.  I only purchased one doll and it is a Mattel Barbie that I can use as a model for crochet clothing I intend to make and sell.   I also purchased a large picture board….it is white and has white ribbon crosses to stick pictures in.  I plan to use it in my bedroom.  I have a board in my window….which has a deep sash…to block the glare of the sun…I have lace curtains and they are tied at the edge.  But I do not want a shade or blinds….just this board to sit there and block the sun from the bottom but allow light from the top.  The overhang on the house keeps the top shaded.  And so now I can put pictures of my children and grands and look at them and change them from week or month to month.  I was planning on making a board with cardboard and fabric and maybe have the edges ruffled but I like this idea better…so that I can put unframed pictures for my enjoyment.  my window board 9 7 2013Another item I purchased is a wood woven look basket that would hold a 1/2 bushel….it has a wood top with small knob.  It is lined with canvas type fabric. my yarn project basket 9 7 2013 I will use it for a project yarn holder.  It will hold enough yarn for one afghan. I have several started and none finished.  I do several so that I can change from one stitch to another….it is not as tiring for my fingers and wrist to do different stitches for a while….I get bored doing the same stitch for hours on end….so change about and usually finish the projects about the same time frame.  Then I have several different projects to either give or sell.  I hardly ever keep one for myself.  In all the years I have crocheted I own almost none that I made myself.  Once finished I like to give them to someone or sell them.  I do have a vast supply of others crochet projects however.  I love to purchase them when purchased at a low price…because I understand the work involved and can then appreciate and love their projects.  I cannot afford to purchase them at the high prices they deserve for all their work because I can make them myself. But usually the ones I purchase are via someone who didn’t make it but rather purchased it at some time in their life…probably doesn’t make sense to anyone but me, huh?…..I would not resell them at low prices however because there is so much work involved and if others want it they must pay for it….right?  I do give some to others however….just my way….Anyway back to the flea market items.  I also purchased a few Fireking bowls…white with blue flowers on them.  I am not sure if I will keep them or sell them as yet.  They are gorgeous and I only paid $1.00 each for them and I have 2 of them.  One is 2 quart and the other is 1 quart. I don’t even know the pattern name as yet I have not investigated them.  One does have a top…so am going to try to find another for the larger bowl…may already have one if I look…and have decided to keep both of them…maybe even add to them…all I need is another “collection”fireking bowls 9 7 2013 fireking bowls 9 7 2013-001 Also purchased was a 5 or 6 drawer lingerie chest.  It actually has 5 drawers….all but the top looks like 2 each but is actually just one… It is finished in white with either gold or blue (found out later it is pink)….can’t remember and French style.  But I am going to antique it with a blue French colors.  I will use it by my bed…which it is too tall for but I only have a small bedroom and so it goes where I have to put it.  lingerie chest-001This will allow me space for my “lingerie” or actually plain underwear….and then I can use the chest now used for that purchase and put some fabric in it where I can easily access it….right now my fabric….tons of it…are stored in trucks…which are not easily accessible and some of it is in storage containers….stacked and at the bottom of the stack at the very back of my over stacked storage room.  So getting some out for use easily may inspire me to actually sew again…think????? anyway pictures to come later….so I did get the pictures added and let me know what you think of my “finds”….I tried not to spend lots of money cause the HWY411 yard sale is coming next month and I want lots to spend….and I am selling stuff to make room for it all….wahooo~~~~~

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