This blog is the accumulation of lots of craft projects I am working on

Just Checking In

on September 19, 2013

Well have very little going on this week.  I did go to my primary doctor on Tuesday and he gave me a heads up on my condition.  He also took me off one of the diabetic meds I have been taking since 2003.  He said my sugar levels were doing so much better and so took me off it.  I am still on a couple of others but this one would always make my sugar drop and then I would have to eat sugar to get it back up.  Hated that.  Got to get a new battery for my glucose checking machine today as the battery ran out.  So I do need to keep track of it now that he took me off that one so I can make sure that was a wise decision.  And trying to watch my diet a little more because this was very encouraging change for me.

So on another “crafting note”.  I am working on a new album which is a little bigger than most that I make.  This one is 8.5 by 10 inches with the high side on the height.  It is an interesting twist since usually I have to watch and not put too much on each page…and with this I have to put much more on the page.  But nice change I am finding.  Plenty of room for picture plus embellishments.  I have not decided as yet if I am going to bind it or just use rings, or maybe my bind it all.  Whe finished I will posts.

Other crafts I am working on are two afghans.  One I am having to put the squares together and so have to work at the kitchen table.  This hurts my back after a while and then I go to the living room and relax in my chair and work on another afghan which is made with squares but has circle centers. Different form the granny squares of the one in the kitchen.  The granny squares are a “controlled” granny square afghan in that I am not just using leftovers but actually chose the colors to be used.  Well some pieces are leftovers but the colors were chosen.  So I have no pictures today of finished projects.  It seems I go from one room to the other….according to my energy….kitchen to chair to craftroom…And in between it all I have the regular chores.  I have been keeping up with several other websites and blogs on Decorating lately and find some excellent ideas but none to match my energy level.

I am also working on a few dolls….some need restringing and redressed and some need cleaning and dressed.  So next week I imagine I will be back to some sewing and crocheting of doll clothing again.  Anyway nothing exciting happeneing here but wanted to do a post so as not to make people think I am dead.

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