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Some hats for Etsy Shop

on October 2, 2013

These are only a few of the hats I have been making for my Etsy shop.  (go to side bar to see how to get there if interested),  I have been using lots of the fuzzing kinds of yarn that I had purchased a year ago to make my sisyer some for her daughters in Laws.  Well at that time I just could not get the hang of using those fuzzy yarns to crochet and did not have a pattern either and so was just trying to crochet by ear, so to speak.  It was not working. My eyesight is not what it used to be and I just had a hard time finding the last stitch amongst all the fuzziness.  So after buying it I had to tell her I could not do it. Well I think I finished one but was just to nerve racking for me to try to do more.  Anyway in a years time I have learned how to use “some” of the fuzzy yarn when it has a definite string to follow.  And so I am using up some of that fuzzy yarn I have in my supplies for “trim” on regular crochet hats.  Very simply done…nothing fancy but well they cover your head and i think look nice also.  I want to learn to do some fancier stitches but am concentrating on just regular double and single crochet at present.  I have begun to follow a fantastic lady , check her site out….she is great teacher and has wonderfully pictured tutorials.  Very easy to follow.  I think I will be learning some things from her that will help me immensely with my crochet.  I am a self taught crocheter…and so my knowledge is very limited.  I can design things using the stitches I know but my knowledge of stitches is limited and would so like to learn how to really follow a pattern.  I can some patterns but others are Greek to me.  So I am going to try this but I can only do a small part at the time….I must learn one thing very well before going to another.  So anyway enough of my rattling….here are some of the hats I am making and have listed in my shop:


Image ImageImage


hats 10 2 13

hats 10 2 13-001

hats 10 2 13-002

This hat is actually a true red like Christmas red….not orange as it looks in the picture…


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