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Too Busy Right now!!!

on November 8, 2013

This seems to be my first words lately….sorry, too busy right now…seems there is always something going on….and I am very glad for this…We did have our family reunion….just immediate…not expended…it was so much fun…mostly because I just enjoy my family so much…they are really fun to be with….there were a few missing faces and we missed them but priorities I am sure is what kept them away…so maybe next time….my grown children did get to interact with some of my brothers and sisters and this was very important to me….I want them to know in personal contact detail of my brothers and sisters natures and personalities…and for the ones who were there they did just that and I believe really enjoyed the experience…For me this was a big event for me…getting my family together in one time and one place…we just do not and cannot do this as they all live too far for close relationships….this is one reason I like the Facebook experience.  It gives me opportunity and them opportunity to know the main events of each or our lives….this is one “stay in touch” opportunity for us that is easy and realistic in this fast moving world of ours.  so I am all for that.  Anyway I have also been in the process of making crochet items for my Etsy Shop….Ebay is just not working for me anymore….There are just too many fees and costs for little people like me trying to be involved in the every growing world of Ebay….I started Ebaying in the 90s when they first started…it was “fun” then….and allowed little people like me to sell some things I no longer needed….but now it is too high tech for me with industry’s involved in the everyday of Ebay….no fun there….just profits and rules…of which do not protect a seller but only the buyers…and I am more of a seller than I am a buyer….so much for my soap box….I would rather hang it on the wall and put some collectibles in it for display to my amusement….so I step down and show you pictures of my family and then some of my makings for


One of my newest Great Grandbabies….Bailey, McKinley. My Grandson Erik and Eden.ImageImageImageImageImage Image

I was supposed to take lots of pictures but me and my big mouth forgot and just talked all day…everyone did tell me they really enjoyed it that day….my bothers and sister told me they thanked me for including them and my children also told me for including my brothers and sisters because it was nice kind of getting to know a little about them….one of my brothers told me my family was a “hoot” and that that was a compliment.  You can tell from the pictures that we laugh a lot….this goes on at all of the reunions.  After Christmas I hope to have some pictures of the family Christmas get to gather we have each year….I finally realized the group standing in the circle was making the ones unable to stand for long times, miss out so I amde the circle move toward the table….I had rented the pavilion so we would be under a roof but it was much too chilly to stay in the shade so we move one of the tables to the sun and the others stood in the sun….I hope to do this all again….thanks family for such a wonderful day for this old lady….a wonderful memory for me to reflect on many times……

Now to the more mundane….my pictures of items I have been making recently…..ImageImage





I made these last round ones using some old vintage pieces which a child had crocheted years ago…they had made them to make and afghan I assume….They did have another round of beige yarn around them but I wanted to make a matching sett using a harvest color or rust.  So I took off the outside and added my own….this is when I realized they were too tightly crocheted to make exact sizes for the set so I used them so that each would be slightly larger than the other to make a stacked set.  But I really wanted to preserve in some way all of the hard work this child had done….I have about 20 of these pieces and intend to use them all if possible.  I may just keep these for my own use as I will know each time I use them….there is a person alive or dead who did this as a child….and I congratulate them for work well done for a child.  Some of the new things I have been making…baby headbands…scarves ,,,ladies cowl…and what I call “baby bundlers” (baby sacks or bags).



Modeled by two of my willing life sized baby dolls ….



A ladies cowl….which I may later embellish it with some beads on the tie. I have many other started projects….I don’t know why I do this because I have to relearn the pattern when I put a project away for a while….but that is my way of crafting….a little here and a little there until I finally finish one….so thats it for today!!! Happy crafting!!!!

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