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Christmas is upon us!!!

on December 1, 2013

Oh the joys of Christmas….I love it….I mostly love remembering Christmases past.  When my children were growing up and the secrets of Santa and other gifts.  I also love to remember when I was a little girl….my Mother and Daddy made it so special.  I was the youngest of 10 children but by the time I was born there were only about 6-7 of us still at home.  Some of my brothers and sisters are some 20 years older than me….but they all came home on Christmas day as my mother had cooked for days to prepare the most stupendous meal you can imagine.  The family was so large that we drew names when we shared gifts for the whole family….but my being the youngest I usually got something from all of them.  And earlier in the morning we kids awoke to find what Santa had left….and usually only moments after “Santa” had finished making things for us (especially my dolls clothing) or dresses and outfits for us children to wear to school.  So my parents were well worn out by days end!!!  I always wondered why on Christmas afternoon they had to take a nap…we kids were still running on the energy for all the gifts….My Mama and Daddy would pay for Christmas months after the day was gone….but we kids didn’t know about that….we just thought Santa had brought us all this splendor and no one had to pay for it.  Of course Mama and Daddy always gave us wrapped presents also and these we did know they paid for them but I think at that young age I thought they were rich when Christmas came around.  I knew the rest of the year we were poor.  Course my Daddy made good money but with so many mouths to feed and clothe it was hard.  And he passed when I was 11 years old so times were really hard for my Mother after that.  But she always came through with Christmas….while not as much it was always enough in my eyes.  I don’t remember ever feeling cheated. They are both gone now and I just wish I could have really shown them how very much they gave to me in memories….good memories when I was a child.  So with this “air” of Christmas I am thinking of crafty ideas for some gifts….and have been feverishly making things I think they can use.  So I wanted to share some of the crochet items I have made.  I am going to share in the next few weeks some of the patterns for making some of these.

Fingerless gloves and Tam style hat


Fingerless gloves, hat and scarf set….ignore the time stamp my camera is messed up as I just took these pictures


Fingerless gloves and hat


Scarf mad with man made fibers that feel like Saran wrap…I loved crocheting with it…..this was used in the center and another “eyelash type yarn that actually looks like “tinsel”…only in black sparkly fibers….I love this….I think it is ….sexy….I may keep this for myself….I need some sexiness in my life….



I know I have several others but this is all I have taken photos of as yet….i hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving….Rick and I went to the Golden Corral in Cleveland, Tn…it was very crowded….but reminded of child hoood years waiting in line to get food.  It was hard to get to all of the food because you had to wait in line for so long to get to the one you were wanting….but I didn’t complain because I rather enjoyed it….much better than just the 2 of us eating alone…and all the kids had plans…mostly black Friday sales and the traveling time would have messed that up.  i went to Walmart on Friday and purchased some of the yarn that was on special….14 ounces for $3.88….it was basic colors but that is what I like to add to the specialty yarns in a design.  And I also purchased a 28 piece set of Rubbermaid for $6.92.  Of course 1/2 of that was in tops…so 14 bottoms and 14 lids….but the big one was worth it to me….I love that Rubbermaid stuff….didn’t know they had the Pyrex stuff with lids til several days later….I just wanted to get out of the crowds….

Anyway thanks for coming and look later for some patterns on these and other crochet items.

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