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Reorganized Craft Room

on February 8, 2014

Well I have not posted for a month…between crafting and working on my craft room organization…I have just been lax in doing so.  I have worked on making items for the October 2014 fall Festival in Blueridge,made several albums, crocheted lots of things…and making some items for others to use in the making of their albums.  But then I decided to put most of my days into organizing a better more efficient craft room…and it is paying off.  I have worked on it for about 4 weeks…and being an old lady I work a while and then rest a while…so some of the younger gals could have done it in a few days…but I like what I have done.  My craft room is not a decorator’s dream but it works for me and that is all that matters.  I would love to have lots of pretty spaces…but in my room every space is put to use…I am even organizing my little cutouts to get them in usable order.  And beads in organized containers.  one bead at the time sometimes because some were mixed in with others.  I am trying to label everything so this old lady doesn’t have an excuse for not finding what I need.  And also while going through this I have found things I forgot I had.  Alot of my storage is salvaged items…some actually found in a dumpster or side of road.  I made my ribbons boxes from shipping boxes and covered them in card stock and added dowel rods.  I have put my clear stamps in plastic cases usually used for calendars.  .I have put all of my thin dies in clear plastic cd cases with magnet adhesive backed that fit the backside of the case.  I now have a stamp and inking station.  An area for sewing or my Cricut.  An area for my Sizzix Bigshot Pro and paper storage.  I have containers for glues and adhesives, stickles, embossing folders, wire projects, I have sorted all of my coloring pens and pencils in containers of one sort or another.  All paint brushes in containers..and paints on shelf according to colors and types.   Last summer I went to a yard sale and a lady who is a teacher had a basement full of Rubbermaid containers for 25 cents each…I bought about 30…wish I had purchased more….I now have embellishments either in containers or hung on pegboard.  I have a vintage metal nail box with drawers to organize brads, eyelets and other metal things.  I also have a drawer with nothing but glitter and embossing powders.  My lace and trims is in containers on a rack however I have not had time to organize them and not really sure at this point how I will do that.  I also want to really organize my buttons which I have hundreds or maybe even thousands. I do have some organized in clear recycled glass or plastic jars and such. I have another shelved rack which will not fit in my craft room…with my 12 by 12 papers.  It is just outside the door of the room however. This may change however if I can figure a way to bring it into the room.   So now the great reveal….tum tee tee tum………now don’t expect pretty….it is not…but it is a working room now.

Ribbons , punches, shelves for plastic containers with crafting supplies, unit with vintage braid rolls, peg board with embellishments, cutting station.



Old vhs tape rack with organized and labeled plastic cases with cling stamps, Marthat Stewart small border and corner punches, vintage nail cabinet for supplies, Plastic drawers for jewelry making supplies, stamping and inking station.


Containers with supplies, color pens and pencils, shelf with containers of “bling”, shelf for glue gun, shelves for printer paper, card stock and shipping labels and printer,


Pc and other supplies…


cardstock shelves and Sizzix BigShotPro machine…more racks for supplies…not yet organized…


unorganized laces and trims


Martha Stewart Large edge and corner punches and doily round punches and around the page punches rack


paint shelves, rolls of fabrics and rolls of braid trim (shelf above is NOT organized), Cricut, cutting and sewing staion…


Sewing area and other peg organizing


roll around storage for wood backed stamps and seam binding and rickrack…other embellishments…and on top my Zyron macine for adhesive and  laminating.


Card stock storage and above…cinch bind it all, another binder and laminator…Your Story…and BigShotPro


So I guess this is it.  I keep all of my yarns and such in another room also.  So now I will go reat and watch Law and Order!!! And maybe eat a ding dong….

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