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More Organization of My Craftroom

on February 21, 2014

Ok so it takes me a while to get things done….but I am getting there.  It took me about 3 days on and off to organize my 12 by 12 scraping paper.  It has been a real hassle for me to find the pieces I need for each project.  One of the reasons was because it was in a messed up pile….I keep my 12 by 12 papers on a recycled metal shelf unit that a local CVS store tossed out into their dumpster.  Well my honey salvaged it for me.  He knew it was something I would put to good use.  Well I have had it for about one year…oh my paper was on it and semi organized.  But I can only stand upright for about 5 minutes …sometimes not this long…and when you have stacks on a shelf which are awkward to look through…and especially if you are impatient because you know you cannot stand long.. then it is of almost no use to you…so I got all of it on my dining room table and sorted it out…within categories which I could understand…maybe no one else but I can…and also put them in an open tray or box….. then I could carry the one I felt like the paper I needed was in and sit down to look through it…oh happy day….now I can do this…I still do not have enough boxes to redo all of it for this purpose…but until I do it is completely workable.  On the second shelf I have all of my 12 by 12 themed paper collections which are bound…or at least they were when purchased.  Some  I had to put clips on to keep them together.  But I can also pick up these in stacks and sit while looking through them.  I did not want to use all of the shelves for this purpose only…so I also added corners to each box so they will stack.  Yes I have to move one to get to the others but this is no problem at all considering I can take the one I want and sit down.  So I opened the boxes to make them like a tray…and then I painted them with crafting paints and also the corners…which I cut using  a die for labels and made it into a corner by scoring it into something that would fit over the edges of the corners and I glued them down…plus they are pretty.  So now the boxes do not fall down into one another and it just stacks much like the office desk trays for letters and such…but none of them were 12 by 12 for one thing…and another these are totally free…well except for the paints and glue…I also printed some cute vintage postcard labels and put the names of the kind of papers or card stock that was in the box.  After taking the pictures I realized i did not get the labels all straight but I can live with that.  Just one of those things I did not think on when applying them to the boxes.  so now to show you how they look on the shelves…they only use 2 shelves plus one stack of card stock on another shelf awaiting a box…but I was able to put some other crafting supplies on it also…making this girl very happy.  Now this shelf unit is just outside my craft room and hopefully one day I will find room for it “in” the craft room…but I can also live with that now.  I have done some scrapping since first getting the room organized as I showed the other day…and it is so much more fun working now that I can actually find everything I need as I go…and I try very hard at the end of each session there to put things in their proper place when finished.  I do still have somethings to organize…my laces and fabrics…but I will eventually get them organized also.  I look on the internet for solutions to organization and have found many expensive solutions…but not only am I on a fixed income but I have always been the kind of person who if I can make do with something I already have available i will always opt for it rather than purchase something which is usually way over priced anyway…and lets face it people….the stores see us scrappers coming…and the prices go up…some things are way over priced that we purchase and I want to pick and choose which ones I am over paying for…because most of the time its use far out weighs the over pricing…most scrapping items are made in China and we all know they are purchased cheap and sold to Americans for high dollars.  And it is not the Chinese workers to blame…they make nothing for all of their hard work but it is the establishment there which under pays them and then the people we buy from over price this stuff.  I try to go “Made in America” for most things I purchase as a rule….to support my fellow working Americans…but somethings just are not made here.  And if you have any suggestions to the contrary for me please tell me so…so I can change where I do purchase my crafting supplies.  Oh for the most part I do purchase them here in the good USA but the companies I purchase from have bought them elsewhere.  Well I will climb down off my soap box and get on with the pictures to show what I’ve done so far.

This is the shelf unit…with my new boxes on top shelf and second shelf has paper and card stock themed bound pack sets…and the third shelf has one stack of other papers waiting for a box…and some of my crochet projects and then the bottom shelf has some of my large spools of yarn and other craft room supplies… DSCI0001my 36 inch doll is standing guard and protecting it from thieves….you know what I mean people…we paper people are proud of our paper stashes…

DSCI0001see how easily they stack now!….

DSCI0003my bound themed paper stacks and collections…

DSCI0004The box is actually bigger than the 12 by 12 needed…and i was first opposed to this but now I see why I need it bigger…it gives me finger room as well as some of the paper sometimes has the manufacturer’s name and name of theme and that requires and addition 1/2 inch or more.  Besides bigger is always better than smaller…then the papers get a “crimp” to them.

DSCI0002-001My “postcard” labels….

DSCI0001-001My chipboard corners….


A drawer for my dies…See how I have my Spellbinders and other such smaller dies inside plastic cases with magnetic sheets? And Each case with a sticker identifier. Smartest thing I ever did…I do this with some of my clear stamps also…I will try to show you tomorrow what I am doing to make my stamps easier to find and know which ones I actually have.


This drawer holds my rings for binding and crafting chenille sticks and other supplies…


This drawer holds my rolls of vintage wired satin that was used by florist for corsages and floral arrangements…I love it…but am stingy with it…and miscellaneous craft supplies..


This drawer is for my felt squares and Christmas balls to decorate…


This is a little cabinet…I think intended for VHS tapes…but I keep my paper bags and envelopes here…


and then there is this mess of unorganized netting and other fabrics for crafting and doll dress making….and this is maybe 1/100th of the fabrics my house contains…need any fabric anyone????   I have yards and yards of upholstery, vintage , flannels, woolens, and you name it…even some retro…


So this is about it for today….because I am going to start on the stamps…hundreds….tadaaa…

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