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New Day!!!

on February 26, 2014

I awoke early this morning…well I usually do…everything I touched seemed to fall apart…and you know what this can do to your outlook of the day…not well at all…so after taking the dogs out to do their thing…I made the coffee…got a cup and sat in my usual easy chair…with coffee and laptop…and of course I dropped a few things…and my dog Pepper has to sit in the chair with me and sometimes Tallie will climb up on top of him and lay…she is a toy poodle and Pepper is good hearted and allows her to…he is such a sweet dog…anyway…by the time I get things situated I realize I do not have my glasses and so must get up and rouse them again to go get them…by this time Tallie has decided she just wants to go back to sleep and climbs in another chair to there is not present emails or anything that puts in me in a better I begin playing solitaire…which usually lightens me up and relieves my mind…then I decide to put some good music on with earphones and listen to some on youtube.  I go there and you know how they always put suggestions on front page…so I clicked on the one for Michael W. Smith ….This is the air I breath….this has always been a favorite song for getting me closer to God…so as I listen and decide to raise my hands in praise of Him…I begin to feel this tension which is within me subsiding…and only Praise for Him…and a feeling of release for my spirit…Because He is the only one with whom I want to breath His air…His thoughts….His feelings…and His love…He comforts me…convicts me of things that I have allowed to be…so now I am back once again for a new day…and a renewed spirit…this is the way everyday should begin….renewed in Christ…with His thoughts…His words within you…His Spirit within you…His air….so just wanted to share with you the beginning of my day and hope yours goes as well…and it will if you allow Him to begin it for you…and carry you through each moment no matter what….

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