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Coffee Filter Roses

on March 1, 2014

I spent most of yesterday watching tutorials about making roses using coffee filters…then I spent the other part of the day which I had for crafting time to actually make some….I love these…I have only made three so far and believe I will get better as the process becomes second nature…and i also want to learn how to add color…but thought I would not do this until I have perfected my process.  Well I almost never go “exactly” by the given patterns or tutorials…I am stubborn that way…and sometimes my ideas work and sometimes I prove how really inept I am.  So I watched several and some were made from stand round filters and others made using the cone filters.  The cone filters are more sturdy and have not as yet made any using those but plan to.  The cone shaped ones with the tutorials pattern uses individual petals while the other using the round filters cuts and combines petals on each cut.  So this process was easiest and decided to try it first.  So then I had to watch the video again to make sure I knew the steps…or I thought that was what I was doing…So here is my first one using the steps as I remembered them…which were not exactly accurate…



Because I had not cut each filter in half these were bulky at each petal being four layers and so were hard to do besides the fact it did not give as delicate look to each flower…I used silk leaves from an old arrangement I had.  So then I went back and watched the video again…and realized my this is the first and second…and third in a vase….and you can see the differences…I usually watch

a video and pause with each step…but it looked so easy and thought yeah I am smart enough to remember these steps…well wrong…so rewatching (word???) gleaned a little more with each watch…so it only took three tries and still not the perfect rose…but next time will be different…yeah right…so I wanted to share the videos I watched that were the easiest to follow…there are many more on Youtube and sure I did not watch all but these were ones I did watch…so try making some of these lovelies…when I get a really good one will post again…thanks for checking here…

and the other using the cone shaped ones

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