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Food for thought!!!

on March 16, 2014

I just have to share a few words with you that are to me of significance in my understanding of God’s plans for me as His child.  when I began reading in a devotional I have taken upon for daily encouragement….I was reading how that when  satan came to Eve and tempted her to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil…that she herself had not “walked in the cool of the morning with God”….but the word says her husband had…so this made to realize she did not have that intimate relationship with God as did Adam…so could this be a contributing factor?  Not having “discussed” or actually listened to God’s words…may have given her less opportunity of understanding the fullness of God as did Adam….she did know that God had told her not to eat of that fruit…and since He had provided all she needed…if for not other reason this should have encouraged loyalty to God for obeying Him….so no excuse for what she did but in my own life I have witnessed that days when I have not intimately talked with and listened to His words…I have not always had as good a day as those when I seek His presence and His word first in my mornings…so could this have been a contributing factor?   It is food for thought I think…not to put any blame or anything upon anyone…because that is never God’s will…but an understanding of things to do or not to do…to make us more aware of what is necessary in our every day walk with God…What an awesome thought to think upon…have you had your morning with God?

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