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Out of Print Pattern Books for Crochet and Knitting Free Downloads

on March 31, 2014

I have recently been working on the digitally restoration of some of the old patterns books I have accumulated over the years.  Many of them out of print and no longer under copy write laws.  So this is a project of which I am very committed to. There are many great patterns within the crumbling pages of some of these books.  And it would be such a tragedy for these patterns to not go on being created into wonderful projects.  Most of them are crochet and knitting patterns.  So many gorgeous house hold items for use and decor to go away with the crumpling of these pages.  I have hundreds of such books.  I also have years and years of the Workbaskets and those are crammed full of patterns and instructions for projects.  I have made them previously into CD preservation and will continue doing so.  But another idea is by making them into pdf form which is so easily transferred via email delivery….this is my favorite. This way the recipient can either preserve for their uses on cd or printed form… this is a tedious process to scan each page and clean it up as much as possible when pages are stained or torn.  Sometimes it is in vain and the imperfections have to go along with the repro.  But none so badly to interfere with the reading and use of the patterns.  I wish ideals and morals could be passed along so easily to the newer generations. But seems our tried and true experiences are heard by fewer and fewer ears these days.  But then that is another post of which I will not venture….someone with more tolerance than me can venture that topic. Anyway…I will be posting a few of these books here.  So here are a few to get my day going.. Just click on the link below each book and it will take you to a link for downloading…enjoy… Image Star Book Gifty Ideas Book 80 Image Afghans Book 52 Afghans Book 52 Image

Bookful of Crochet Book 52

and this collage which I used for CD cover show what is in the Book 52 “Bookful of Crochet” Image So this is it for this week….but I will also be putting more within the postings each week…so keep looking for your wanted book of patterns…enjoy your day!!!

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