This blog is the accumulation of lots of craft projects I am working on

on June 13, 2014

Well it has been quite a while since my last posting.  Not sure why just didn’t seem to be a chance when I was thinking of it I guess.  This is definitely not one of the most important things to do in my life but I do come here once in a while just to let myself know I am still alive.  I guess when one gets as old as me there are fewer and fewer things which seem worthy enough for ones attention.  I get up each day with no specific goal in mind….just drink my coffee and play solitaire to get myself awake.  Then when the cobwebs clear from this old haunted mind I try to figure just what productive thing I can embark upon today.  Lately I have been listing a lot of things on Among the things listed I have listed some of my vintage craft books no longer under copy write laws in PDF form.  I have thus acquired a consistent amount of points of which I use to purchase other things I want.  mostly for paper crafting.  I have also offered many of the tags left over from my tag selling days.  Other things I have worked on during this absent time are albums for taking to the fall festival in Blueridge, Ga in October.  I have almost completed many but have not embellished them.  So those are the items I am most interested in winning on Listia.  I have won lots of embellishments and lots of new stamps…I do love my stamps.  Another thing I have been working on are some album picture frames….which I do also use them for my family pictures as accent pieces within my house…they make quick and decorative attractive frames for recent and older small pictures of children and grand children.   In fact I have begun “flower garden” of pictures using some of my flower mats and circle frames.  Decorating each a little differently for completely different styles.  Here are some of the newer foils ones I am making this week. 



And I have experiment using this foil on chipboard in order to use it for the binding of other albums.  I love working with it.  So this is a small part of what I have been working on in my absence from this posting blog. Toodle doos and have a great day…I am off to the doctors todays….hummmmm

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