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on June 16, 2014

Well my doctor decided it was time for me to go on injection insulin ….needless to say I am in a tither about this.  I am almost frantic really.  I do not wan to do this.  I am afraid my mind is just not clear enough to be responsible for calculating what amount I need.   I have to go see the nurse today so she can “teach” me now to inject myself.  I have never feared the shots themselves nor even even of having to give myself those shots…my fear is in deciding the amount….so if I quit posting and you never hear from me again I will either be in a coma or dead.  But I did enjoy this weekend…we went to the community yard sale in this area and I found lots of nice items for a cheap price.  Somethings were even given to me because the people just wanted to get rid of the things.  Maybe tomorrow I will have some pictures to show but today I did want to show what I spent the last 2 days making.  I purchased some of those frames for doing the lap weaving using these frames.  So here is one set I made…it is 3 pieces for a dresser set of doilies in white with very light pink trim…tell me what you think….Image



And also I want to show you what my hunny got for me at the flea market for $2.00….and old porcelain foot bathe.



As you see I didn’t even wait to clean out the former owner trash and dust before taking a picture to show it off…it is 15 inches long not counting the handles and 10.5 inch deep and 10 inches wide….isn’t it wonderful?  That made my day…He is always finding such wonderful deals…I am usually not with him so I think he uses his charms to charm the women out of things…oh well he said said it was a man who sold him this…uh oh…..

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  1. Wow that’s a great deal. I would be afraid to calculating the correct amount as well.

    • Just got back and seems it is not as complicated as I thought. I take 10cc each evening and it is not the fast acting kind. She only “showed ” me how to stick myself…and so tomorrow when I start it I will find out…

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