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Life….what is it???

on June 17, 2014

I awoke this morning with a stillness within….couldn’t quite figure out what it was until later when I was playing my solitaire to “clear those cobwebs from my brain”….it is “life”….and I remembered those old words of the songwriter..”Though life is but a fleeting breath, A sigh too brief to measure” and it hit me full on…how very fragile and instant life is.  We are here but a short time…we worry and carry ourselves to many depths within the short span of life we have….and truly we are of no more importance than a falling leaf…withered from age and the forces which take away its life…so this life is short…fragile and very instant….but what of the next life promised to us from an all knowing…all caring God… so this next life which has been promised to be an eternal life truly is what this life is all about…how can we misuse it to the extent we do….because only those souls which we take with us will be the ones who live eternally…so why do we waste our time dreaming dreams and reaching for goals which will only last a short time?  We are certainly a dumb animal.  I can remember so much wasted time and worry in my life which never really mattered at all.  Was it for an eternal purpose…not by a long shot…it was for a moments joy which made no sense or reason within God’s purposes.  Does it do any good to even regret? no…not one more minute of this life will be spent on regret.  We are what we are and we press upon other lives…this is all that is important…what do we press upon the lives of others….will they be in that eternity of which God is taking us?  This is a journey and be sure you only carry what can go with you into the next life because anything else is garbage.  And why would we want to take garbage with us.  In the physical we don’t so why in the spiritual?  This is my thought for today which will have a purpose for  whatever is left of my life and hopefully someone else?  God is our goal…and those we direct toward Him is our profession in this life…that is all that is important.

2 responses to “Life….what is it???

  1. Deidre says:

    Great post, what will I take from this life into the next?

    I would love to sit a spell over a cup of something warm and listen to you. Your stories, your beliefs. I imagine you have a great deal of wisdom to impart. This post just touches the surface I bet.

  2. I have also read lots of your posts and imagine I could learn a lot from you Deidre, you go way beyond the surface of things and seem to press only upon what is truly important…so keep doing what you do with your posts and your life…my wisdom mostly comes from wrong mistakes made and lessons learned and wrong roads in life…and I also would sit down with a cup of “something” to talk with you…but for now and the distance in our residence…I will just keep reading as you enter your posts…Sandy

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