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Dolls…Dollls and more dolls…and all their “stuff”!!!

on September 28, 2014

I have decided to “sell, donate…and give” some of my dolls (hundreds and hundreds) and doll related items (hundreds)….I will first try to sell….then donate or give…so as the days go by I will be posting some of my dolls and related items here first and then to some selling site…or even craigslist…but this will be the focus of all my energies and time for at least the next few months…hope to raise a little money for savings…but if not then I hope I can place all of these babies within the hands of those who love dolls and all of their paraphernalia …I have taken as good of care as I could and now I want then to go on to those who love dolls…for future generations to enjoy!!! I am hoping not to have to use my Ebay site to disperse of them however as that site has become a site for buyers and not sellers…and I have no wish to invest my time and money listing these dolls and then having them returned at my expense….just too much of a hassle on that site anymore…if anyone knows of any venues where dolls sell easily and without hassle please let me know…

2 responses to “Dolls…Dollls and more dolls…and all their “stuff”!!!

  1. Deidre says:

    I know Etsy allows vintage and handmade items to be sold. I find their selling policy to be fair. Or at least it was, it’s been a while since I listed anything. It’s worth looking into.

  2. Actually I have sold some on Etsy and yes they are fair…And the buyers are easier to get along with also…I have had very good experiences with Etsy…it is not as well shopped and so not as many sales…but it is catching on by others more and more…I also found another site which I listed a couple of my dolls on last night…but not sure if it is well traveled or not… and doesn’t cost anything so worth the try…

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