This blog is the accumulation of lots of craft projects I am working on has changed their rules!!!

on November 5, 2014

I have been “selling”….giving away for Points….my restored vintage crafting books for over a year now….and now they decide to do away with digital delivery items….and since this is all I do on there I was very mad at first…and still am because this gave me something to do with my time.  And i felt a help to our society to not loose those old patterns from yesteryears.  I still “try” to sell them on under the name of TagsDollsnOtherStuff Shop.  I have hundreds of these books which I have spent hours scanning and repairing photos for making into a PDF to be emailed or downloaded….Some books require hours work to do so.  Some are of 15 – 16 pages and others as much as 60 pages.  Time consuming work of which I felt a contentment for doing so…in order that these works would not be eternally lost with the destruction of the paper in which they were printed.  They are not under copy write laws anymore and most their authors dead and gone.  All of these old books can be researched to make sure that they are indeed not still under copy write law protection.  I think probably these authors would rather we recreate them in another form to insure their continuance to more generations.  So much gets lost out of the non concern of people coming along afterwards…but I did want these to continue.  These women…and some men…would be honored to know that their great great grand children could benefit from their studies and work.  But families even do not keep up the copy writes…so who then is there to do it…us…we can…but then you have to have a venue in which to offer them.  I have never tried to make a great deal of profit from these…I just want them passed on.  But I do expect to get my investment of materials and time back. Anyway I will be offering them here for a modest amount payable via Paypal….I have not determined just how to do that as yet…any comments will be appreciated.  So this is the thing of my most concern today…100s of vintage books and what to do with them…I will be keeping the actual hard copies of them…because I just enjoy having them in my “library”.

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  1. I like those vintage patterns, have a lot all ready. Not only from you, but also from other sites. They should be preserved for those to come and the digital way is how to do it nowadays.
    You could offer your patters in bundle packs or just lose. Look at purple kitty how they have done it. Calculate what you have spent ( time and effort included) digitising them and offer them for a certain price.

  2. Yes this is an idea I have had…but will require a little more time so that I can be sure of “bundling” like kinds of pattern books so they will be more convenient for the customer…Or I could allow the customer to pick…say 5 out of a list to go on a CD and I would then create that disc for them….this might work I think…so thanks for your input.

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