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Headbands….headbands and more headbands!!!

on November 12, 2014

Well months ago I said I was going to set up at a Fall Festival in Blueridge, Ga. As it turned out the man who was supposed to call us back to make the arrangments never did…we called and called and left message after message…never a return call until we finally got a message that they were full.  So we didn’t get to go after months and months of making things to sell.  I made lots of scrap book albums, tags, paper flowers as well as crochet flowers and butterflies…other embellishments hand made.  I crocheted until I was sick of it…I did my own packaging with my name on the clear packaging.  I had my rack for hanging the packs ready to go even with a sign showing it was all handmade.  All items had to be handmade.  I had a few items of embroidery and even some needle worked pieces for making pillows and wall decor…some made years ago…and so it was a disappointing time for me…but you know God has His timing and we have ours.  As it turned out I was to loose a beloved Brother in Law a few days before the Festival was to take place and His memorial was to take place on the day we would have been registered to go…I would not have missed my Brother in Laws memorial for anything.  So as it turned out we would have lost the money for the payment os reserved setup…So even in this God intervened.  This was a brother in Law who stood in many many times as the Father that I no longer had….he was not that much older but was much wiser…he and my sister were always there for me and my children when times were bad and hard.  So for this I am now grateful.  I kinda got carried away here i know but I had to tell of this blessing which seemed like a curse at the time…if I had but trusted God….that all things do work together for good for those who love he Lord.  Anyway I still have all the stuff I had then and am adding to it to have even more…there will be other venues and festivals to sell them…anyway to the headbands…I made some for my daughter and just kept making them…I wore one to my doctors office the other day to keep my ears warm…the receptionist loved it and wants me to bring some for her to purchase for herself and some for gifts for Christmas…so anyway pictures please….tadada…DSCI0001DSCI0001-002 DSCI0002-002 DSCI0003-001 DSCI0004-001 DSCI0005-001 DSCI0006-001 DSCI0007-001 DSCI0008-001 and the there are the boot cuffs My Daughter in Law asked me to make..and they are selling on…so much to my surprise…I had never heard of them until then…anyway here are a few…some still need the ends woven in so forgive me for that…but this will be done before selling them. DSCI0001 DSCI0002 DSCI0003 DSCI0004 DSCI0005 DSCI0006 DSCI0007 DSCI0008 DSCI0009 DSCI0010 DSCI0011 DSCI0012 DSCI0015 DSCI0016

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