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Tutorial for Lace, Trim or Ribbon Cards

on November 14, 2014

I am always trying to make something…organize something…and always trying to do it in the cheapest way possible without making it look cheap…I wanted a new Bigz Die for making thread spool cards for organizing and also to give to friends samples of the enormous supply of trims, laces and ribbons I have.  Well the die is at least $28.00 -$34.00 for cutting one spool at the time…well actually you can layer several layers of card stock and cut at least 3 at the time.  But then add shipping on top of that is another $6-$8.00.  So needless to say I just cannot indulge at the moment.  (I am trying to have myself debt free by May 2015 except for my house.  And it is only another 4years or less as I increase my payments.) another story…another time…anyway ….I had made some smaller ones fro thank you notes and so was sure I could do it with the tools at hand. here are some of the ones I have made thus far..


First I cut my card stock to exactly 8 inch by 5 inch (so you can get 2 out of one 8.5 by 11 inch piece of card stock).


You then score it at 4 inches the long way…


Then fold on score line….


Using a We R Memory Keepers Envelope Board…I insert the edge of the card once folded on the now long side at one inch and press the cutter..


flip to the other end of same side and cut at 1 inch mark…


Turn around the card to the other long side and cut the same way on that side… DSCI0007 DSCI0008

Now I used a small medal ruler to trim the excess not necessary to make this card look like a thread spool.. I lined the ruler up with the two same side edges of the “dips” in the former made cuts..

. DSCI0009

I only have a box cutter…not like most crafters having a craft knife…but we use what we have right??? So do this on both sides…


and you should have a crad when opened that looks like this…


the next step is optional…I did mine because when the lace is gone I still wanted it to look pretty and aslo it does reinforce the shank which holds the trim..lace..ribbon…yarn..thread… Cut a piece of pretty printed paper or card stock to 3.25 inches by 3.25 inches..


I did have to trim 1/8 inch off the top of it to fit.. Then I used my Xyron 900 9″ Creative Station to apply adhesive to the back..

and then put it on the spool on the front..

DSCI0014 DSCI0015

Next I began using a precut piece of lace that measured a little more than 2 yards…you can put the amount you want…but as gifts a 2 yard piece is sufficient…I began by allowing a few inches to be on the backside which you could use a little adhesive to hold it put..but I did not…I just double wrap around the first wrap…it is tricky to keep pulling the ends through the open panel of the inside of card without tearing it…so be careful and patient..

DSCI0016 DSCI0017

I always end it on the inside of the card even if I have to cut a little or fold under a little…and I pin it with a cute safety pin..


then the front looks something like this..


Add some embellishment if you wish..or sentiment…then for the inside.. I cut a white piece of card stock into 3.25 by 3.25

inches…and use an edge punch for the top and bottom..

DSCI0020 DSCI0021

add adhesive to the backside.. and stick to the inside of the card so you can add your thoughts,,into on the lace/trim/ribbon  or sentiment to your intended recipient…


These could also hold lace or trims on both sides of the card for your own stash.  Form some of mine I am thinking of adding a hole in the side top so that I can keep them on a ring and keep hanging on a hook for easy access to my stashes…Abox or basket of these little stashes would be great gifts for your crafty friends and relatives…or children just getting into crafts..each individual page could also have a chip board backing with other decorative paper or painted to make sturdier spools for your stashes…so many uses and hope you can use this tutorial for your crafts…thanks!!!

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