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Repost of Free Dowloads of Crafting Books from March

on December 8, 2014

I finally figured out how to post my ebooks for downloading on this blog…i say yeahhh you say yeahhhh~~~~ I am certainly not the smartest bulb in the box but every now and then I get plugged in to light up…So I will be posting many of my ebooks which I scan from old crafting books no loner in print or within copy write laws.  I love doing this and passing along these old books to tohers to keep some of these treasured old books alive in the craft rooms of others.  The authors I am sure would love to know their works will lie on and on in this new digital age.  I make nothing on these within this site and so you may enjoy them knowing I did my little part in preserving crafting history and you do your part in downloading and working the projects. So can we have a big hip~hip~hurray???  Go to March this year and see the posting of 3 of the first books I posted here…and later i will begin posting some of the other wonderful pattern books for your pleasure…

March 2014 Free Ebooks

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