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I’m Baaaack!!!

on March 7, 2016

Ok so it has been over a year seen last posted….but I was in a funk….my body no longer does what I want it to and even when it does …it is not for as long as I would like…so now I am trying to do more things and adapt myself to the realization there are others things I can still do.  I just have to do them in spurts…and under different conditions such as sitting a lot more and not moving around so much and takings breaks much more often.  So here is the thing I most want to accomplish this year….a new memories album of my ancestors photos.  My niece has scanned many of them which were in an album her mother…my sister..gave to her.  I have been printing as many as I can and drawing out designs for the album I wish to make.  I want it to be sturdy and I want it to tell the story of my ancestors as best as I can.  My daughter has done a lot of the ancestry stuff which my brother Albert had begun doing years ago.  He had lots of it done but my daughter is doing some more on it and also gathering pictures which I can also add to the album…I want future generations to know where they come from and have pictures to see and not just hear from old tales and such.  I think every family should document all of this for future generations and also to pass down triumphs and even failures to further educate younger ones in the pros and cons of living their lives.  Not to mention to people like myself I am just curious of those who have some of the same blood within their veins as I do.  It also kind of explains some of the traditions we have within our families.  Right now I am still in the planning and printing photos stage of this process…and trying to figure out just what all I want in this book…so have nothing to show but hopefully will have in the next few weeks.  So anyway I am back again to journal here my progress on this venture.

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