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More Sandy’s Album Scraps

on April 21, 2016

Well as I got back into the groove of making photo mats and such for my “Ancestries Album”….I began listing some like the ones I was making for myself on… user name is old_ladies_estate_sale… So now I also offer them here…if you wish to purchase them outside of Ebay…because when they end on Ebay they will still be listed here.  so here are a few of the things I offer and you can contact me via . All of these are offered in sizes 8 by 10 and  5 by 7.  You receive 5 of larger ones for $5.50 USD plus shipping or 6 of 5 by 7 for $5.50 USD plus shipping.  Shipping per lot is usually $2.50 within the USA.  I will be adding to these as time permists me to list them here…but anything offered on Ebay is also offered here.

fleur de le black fleur de le blue fleur de le lavender fleur de le mint fleur de le pink fleur de le white fleur de le yellow floral mat blue floral mat lavender floral mat mint floral mat pink floral mat white floral mat yellow


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