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Time for Purging!!!

on November 9, 2016

Well I have begun to list items on my Ebay page  So I will give you an in-site on what kinds of items I am selling.  The “No Sew Quilted Ornaments” are a new addition to items in which I am occupying myself these days.  I love making them.  I do plan to start making some actual sewn quilted items in the near future…but for now before Christmas I am making these.

Also I am purging of some of the printed matter which I now have lying around in my craft room.  Plus some of the fabrics which have been stored in trunks for some time now.  I have no other way of selling these items to down size in my home.  So if after a while these things do not sell much of it will be donated to some place such as Goodwill and other such thrifts stores.

Because of my physical condition now I can no longer do much house work and cleaning and so these things are really just in my way.  It is taking longer than I wish to do this however because of my physical limitations.  I work for 20 minutes and rest for an hour…so it will be a slow go…

Anyway here are some of the items listed

To make some of these yourself go to this YouTube Video to learn how…it is fun

I have many many colors of this kind of stretchy jersey binding of school and team colors!! More to come.

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