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Happy Thanksgiving and Be Blessed!

on November 24, 2016

Just wanted to say a quick hello and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!  God has blessed me one more day by allowing me to awake from sleep!!  I was cooking all day yesterday….well intermingled with rest between fixings!!  Amazing how much longer it takes me to fix a few dishes for a big meal as this….and for only two of us!!  All our children are grown and have families of their own and we are so far from them all and driving is so hard when we are old.  Next month we have 2 family gatherings in Georgia to go to and so we are saving our energy for that! 🙂

When I opened my email this morning there was a link in one of the blogs which I follow and I wanted to share it with you to make organizing your Christmas Holiday a little more “organized?”  I plan to use it myself and so wanted to share.

So sweet of her to share with us today and she also has some very interesting posts everyday which you may want to follow…so go on over and visit Andrea at the Cottage Market!!

Well I must finish my cooking so will bid you all a Happy Thanksgiving shout!!!

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