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Butterflies, Butterflies and more Butterflies.. Using Metallic Embossing Powders

on March 30, 2017

For the past few months I have been making each of my 6 children a photo album.  I am using some of the purchased albums with insets of plastic/acrylic….not sure which it is called…I add a base page in all of them and then use a complimentary page 1 inch smaller to actually adhere my photos and embellishments on.  These are not the kind that has the sticky hardboard page and a sealing plastic page…but these slide in from the top and so come out easily.  These are the 3 ring binder type of albums and so far I love them.  I do not have time to construct scratch albums for 6 children with a life time of photos….it would take many volumes for each child…well they are grown adults with their own children now and even some great grands.  Here are a couple of pages so you can see what kind of albums I am talking about..and also all of the pages are not completely embellished..:)

But anyway back on subject.  As I work with each try to embellish each with a few decorative items and whimsy…I wanted at least some of it to be handmade embellishments from their mother…me…so I am taking a few days off the albums to work on some embellishments.  Right now I am working on some butterflies….and I do love making butterflies.  So I am doing enough to embellish many of my decor type projects also at the same time.  I am using several different techniques but the one I am working on right now is using a Tim Holtz Bigz die…660236…it is the double butterflies and also the embossing folder.

Tim Holtz die

Next I go ahead and cut many and many different colors  from this die with colored card stock.

I then use the embossing folder and emboss 2 of the cutouts from die and leave 2 not embossed….will tell you why in a moment… I do many at one time so I can have some in my stash of butterflies…next I begin my process of embossing with metallic embossing powders…I love the gold and silver ones…expecting a new copper one in the mail today…first I use my Versa Mark Ink Pad and gently pat the embossing ink onto the butterfly…getting most of it only on the raised embossing…

then I pour my metallic embossing powder over the butterfly and shake excess off

notice in the pictures I missed an area I wanted covered and so had to re-ink this small potion after I had heat embossed it with heat gun…and then used heat gun again to cover the missed area.  Oh yes…sometimes when I first cover the butterfly with the powders and shake off I also use a small paint brush to brush off excess powders where I do not want it.  See how pretty these look?  now I go to the ones which were only cut but not embossed…I completely cover them with the embossing ink (Versa Mark) and sprinkle with the embossing powders.

So now I have the 2 layers for 2 beautiful butterflies….next I make a wire antennae for the butterfly using copper wire which is a weight less than 28 gauge…the reason I do not know which gauge it is…is because it is not marked and I forgot…my silver color wire is 28 gauge…so this is a good gauge to use for these…I usually cut about 2.50 to 3 inch piece for this…and using a small punch or piercing tool I form the twist for the antennae..I place the formed antennae onto the butterfly which has the complete covering of the embossing powder and glue with some dimensional glue such as glossy accents….then place the top butterfly over it before the glue dries and attach the whole thing…this sandwiches the antennae in between the 2 pieces making the backside solid.

Next I embellish the butterfly’s body with gemstones…or pearls or some such embellishment.

And so now I will show some of the pictures of some of the other butterflies I have made this morning…

Some of these were done using colored ink pads for the raised butterfly and then clear embossing powders!!!  Tell me what you think…

2 responses to “Butterflies, Butterflies and more Butterflies.. Using Metallic Embossing Powders

  1. Hi Sandra, these are beautiful. I know the kids will love their albums you are planning and working on.

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