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Embossing Card Stock Frames for Albums

on April 7, 2017

The last few days I have been embossing photo card stock frames which I cut some time ago using my Cricut Machine Using the Fancy Frames Cartridge and some I cut using Different frame dies with the BigShot Pro Machine.  Some of which I hope to use with the albums I am making for my children.  When I get those machines out to cut things I usually go way overboard and wind up with a huge stash of these cuts.  I am just now coming up with ideas for how to organize all of these cuts so that I can actually find them when needed 🙂 .

The first thing I do to the already cut frames is to cover them with the Versa Mark…I usually pat mine rather than rubbing…it seems to cover better..

Then I coat it with the embossing powders…for frames I especially like the metallic ones..

Then I use my heat gun to cure the powders…

Aren’t they just lovely?  They usually curl a little for a while but after they have completely cooled and dried you can place something heavy such as a book over them and they will lay flatter. 

I also do some of my scrolly thingys and label frames at the same time and some of my words.

Laying them out for a while and allowing them to cool and set really good before trying to get them to lay flat.

Sometimes I re-coat some of them and use my “chucky clear” embossing powders to make the frames look even move sturdy and vintage.  You can also add a little green or brown or black ink after they have cooled to give them a patina look.

These kind of frames to me just make a album page look nicer….some of my frames which are not so delicate or fancy I use embossing folders on and then ink with a color to the raised part and then coat with the Versa Mark when the colored ink has dried and emboss with clear powders.  So some of the picture of my samples have also been done this way…a little added “bling” never hurts either.

Notice the difference in the next 2 frames…one has been embossed with the metal powders and the other with embossing folder and ink on raised part and then embossed with the clear powders….same picture for different album but completely different because of the embossing.

See some of the pictures in the album and how much nicer they look because of adding frames which have been embossed with the metallic powders and one with colored ink and clear powders…same frame.

Also just to add there are many ways to make your frames look special for your albums….here is one I simply covered with some decorative foil paper which is made for florist to use on potted plants :).

By the way this is my senior year in high school picture :).  Anyway maybe these will help you to do some special things with framing for your photo albums….if you put sturdy backing on them…such as chipboard they are good for making them into magnets for the fridge for “Grandma”….just add a little magnetic tape to the back.

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