This blog is the accumulation of lots of craft projects I am working on


Hi, I am 69 years of age and retired….I have always loved crafting from crochet to sewing to now paper crafting.  I got into this paper crafting because I am also a doll collector.  I needed tags to ID all in my collection….which are hundreds of dolls.  My search for tags that would enhance rather than to take away from them led me into creating tags of beauty.

I am also the mother of 6 wonderful children, their spouses and their children…my grandkids…I love them all…so I will share a photo which was taken when one of my grandchildren…Tyler graduated from high school last June…There are a couple of my children not here and quit a few grand children not present in this picture…so we are a large family…

family most of us   mom Me and our young man of the day with his beautiful mom, my daughter


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  1. Hi Sandy – you won my blog competition! Check your email – I know most emails with ‘you won’ in the subject line turn out to be spam, but this one isn’t, I promise!

    • This is so cool….I had just that day joined this site and won a prize….so how cool is that…check out Katelikestocreate … postings and she will keep a smile on your face!!! Thanks again for the winnings…excited to receive them…..

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